onsdag 15. oktober 2014

Chip on my shoulder

Hia! Its not like I have chip on my shoulder these days but more like one on my chest and a pack down below. ;) Hehehe. This is to me one of my cutest outfit I have ever come up with, totally adorable. :) and maybe a little childish, but hey thats me. ;) When I bought the skirt I had totally forgotten about the squirrel cardi (too much clothes eh?) and I jumped of joy when I found it in the back of my closet by chance. :)

The skirt is of course from Boden, no surprise there. :) There is even a squirrel dress too which Im lusting after of course. It was just released among the rest of the winter collection this week, lots of droolworthy items Id say. :) Well dont be shocked if I turn up in a squirrly dress sometime in the future, hihihi. ;) No surprise to my colleagues at the office as well, I think they must be sick of me wearing all kinds of creatures. :) My obsession with animal prints is starting to show for real. ;)

I started my sewing class yesterday, yes Im going to learn how to sew clothes for my daughter and myself, preferably dresses and skirts if I manage. :) An aspiring seamstress but boy did I struggle yesterday, certainly Im not blessed in anything crafty. But I had a good time and learned a lot. Now I only have to make time to sit down and befriend my sewing machine, we are not on the best of terms yet. :P The rest of the class got homework but according to our teacher I apparently must be supervised when sewing. *blushes and hangs head down in shame* In other words a sewing disaster! Im wondering how this course is going to work out. ;) Stay tuned for more sewing bloooooopers. :P

What Im wearing:

Old cardi
Top from H&M
Skirt from Boden
Tights from White Stuff
Ankle boots from El Naturalista

tirsdag 7. oktober 2014


Uhm yea whats up with the title you might think. ;) Well Im just refering to my newly purchased skirt, look lots of doggies or greyhounds to be precise. ;) As a dedicated dog lover I just about grab anything doggierelated, especially when it comes to clothes. :) My heart belongs to the French Bulldog of course but greyhounds are pretty cool too. ;) Besides my closet is brimming of French Bulldogs lately, they seem to be a favourite print on clothes these days. More of that later,you`ll see. :)

Boy, did I have a blast in Copenhagen!! Luuuuuuuuve that city, so beautiful, friendly and easy to get around. :) and not to mention the White Stuff shop, gosh I dont know how many hours we spent in that shop, hehehehee. The shop staff must have been sick of us in the end, occupying their fitting rooms for hours, giggling and trying on almost every item of clothing in the store. We behaved like children in a candystore, literally. :P Needless to say this skirt is from White Stuff. :) My love for WS has certainly hit another level *sparkles in my eyes* By the way WS is having a midsale now, up to 50 % off. I might have happend to buy me some more goodies. ;)  Ups photobombed by one of our four cats, this one goes by the name of Blackie cause well she is black and all.......:P

Hehehe looking quite smug about myself in my new skirt and oh new shoes as well! :) bought in Copenhagen, the brand is called Softinos, never heard of them before. I found them in a Fly London store, they are so soft its like walking on air. Im very very pleased with them! My sister and I bought the same shoes, hehehe she chose the black ones and I went for the grey. :) We sometimes happen to share the same taste in clothes and shoes but my sis stays clear of the bright colours which I thrive for. :)

If you like to see what we were up to in Copenhagen (the few snaps I managed between running from shop to shop) you might follow me on Instagram. :) My profile is private but I never decline a follower request. :) Have a lovely autumnal week!

What Im wearing:

Top from M&Co
Cardi from H&M
Skirt from White Stuff (recent)
Shoes from Softinos

tirsdag 16. september 2014

Mrs duck

Hello, anybody out there?? Didnt think so. ;) Please accept my sincerest apologies for neglecting my poor blog of late. Ive been very busy with my kiddo starting kindergarten and behold a few weeks later we all came down with the worst cold ever! Im still on the mend but feeling better everyday. So there you have it, the joys of having a kid in kindergarten, Im looking forward dreading whats next. ;) Im back at work and did manage to get dressed as well. ;) hehehee

So todays featured animal is the duck! :) Must keep up my wardrobezoo roll you know. ;) The skirt is from White Stuff, one of my favourite British brands. :) If you havent visited their store in Edinburgh you definitely should, the changing rooms are so much fun and like nothing you have seen before. ;)

 And speaking of White Stuff stores, Im actually planning on visiting one next week as Im off to Copenhagen, Denmark!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Im soooo excited you wouldnt believe it *jumping up and down* My sister and I are leaving husbands and kids at home and are treating ourselves a long weekend of shopping and relaxation (sleep yay!). Neither of us have been to Copenhagen before, its gonna be so much fun exploring the city and not to forget the shops. Shopping spree anyone? ;) It will be the first time Im away from my little one for a longer period of time, Im wondering how thats gonna feel. At least she will be safe and sound with her daddy taking good care of her. :)

Do you fancy White Stuff as well? :) Do let me know! :)

Outfit details:
Old top and cardi
Skirt from White Stuff  - recent bought on sale -SS14
Tights from Lindex
Ankle boots from Tamaris (old)