mandag 4. mai 2015

White Stuff - reviews and favourites from the Lost Island collection

Aloha! As I told you in my last post I went a bit nuts in the White Stuff shop in Copenhagen. Go figure! ;)  This is how it looks from the outside, pic taken from my previous trip to Copenhagen back in September 2014.
I was literally drooling all over when I noticed my current favourite collection, The Lost Island was in stock. :) I immediately started rummaging through the clothing racks, I was on a mission you see and then rushed downstairs to changing rooms with my hands full. ;) And here it goes:

Little Ellie shirt - OMG, how cuuuuuuuute is this shirt!!! Even the name makes me smile, Im actually thinking of naming my next child Elli if Im having a girl. (No wait a minute, no baby on the way yet) Little elephants in a variety of colours on a white shirt, so so so so so adorable! Please excuse my manic looking eyes, seems like Im having an out of myself experience, hahhaa. :) The shirt went of course home with me.

A closer look of those lovely baby ellies. :)

Tutuilia cardi -  Its official Ive been elephantized, another ellie item for ya, the gorgeous tutuilia cardi. :) Another elephant bites the dust in my suitcase and guess what Ive got room for lots more. ;)

Ellie the elephant skirt - Well I only missed a elephant skirt didnt I?? :) Not my most glamorous moment, socks anyone? But you get the picture, I bet you cant take your eyes of that gorgeous skirt anyway. :P

Wild floral reversible skirt - Another great elephant skirt but sadly this didnt go home with me. The fit was good, a bit lighter and wider than the other ellie skirt. That sums up the ellie hauling for now, if you fancy some more elephant goodies you might take a look at these:

Elephant tunic

Round about ellie shirt

Ditsy elephant scarf

Swans bell & whistle skirt - I did try on another skirt Ive had my eyes on for a while, unfortunately I had blowed my budget on those ellies otherwise I would have bought this skirt in a heartbeat. :) Hopefully I will get hold of it later during a sale. :)

Well I guess thats nuff ellies for one night. ;)  Stay tune for my next post where I will show you how I styled my newly aquired elephant beauties. :) Have a lovely week folks and dont forget Game of Thrones tonight, Im off to watch myself. :)

onsdag 22. april 2015

Copenhagen revisited & blogger meet up!

Hello there!! Im finally back after a no show for weeks, my PC died on me a few weeks back (one of the hard drives went nuts, thank god for back up). ;) And as you can see I have done a bit of travelling. :) I went to Copenhagen for a long weekend with my mum and my sister, as a gift to my mum for her 60th birthday. :) Well Copenhagen what can I say, I just luuuuuuuve it there. :) This is the wiew from the hotel we stayed at, overlooking "rådhusplassen", the town square. This pic was taken at 6 am, early  I know but we had trouble sleeping the first night cause the beds were really uncomfortable. :(

Lots of things to see and do in Copenhagen, among others getting eaten by a lego lion, living on the edge you know. ;) hehehe

Shopping to die for, can you believe my mum just walked away with these gorgeous boots!!!! They were sold out in my size, I literally screamed inside and are now internet hunting high and low. Cause you know Im pretty desperate. ;) They are from Fly London in case you were wondering. :)

A selfie at the little mermaid was in order. ;) My sis, mum and I, do we look the same? :) We had the best of times in Copenhagen, whenever we are together there are lots of giggling and laughter and good stories to share. :)

And yes a blogger meet up!! I got to meet Tine, the supersweet lady behind the blog Highly Irregular Style. :) She joined us for lunch at Cafe Norden and we had a great time! We even co-ordinated our outfits by chance. ;) Tine is such a warm and sweet person with the best sense of humour. :) Thank you dearest for being so brave and meeting not only me but my mum and sis as well, three strangers at once. ;)

Well thats all for now as Im off on a business trip for two days in Norway, tired of packing and unpacking. ;) Oh well you might wonder did I actually buy anything in Copenhagen ? Well needless to say I didnt leave Copenhagen empty handed, went a little bit nuts in the White Stuff shop (sorry Tine, didnt pay any attention to your advice of not spending it all at once). Hehhehehe. But thats another story for the next blog post. :)

onsdag 4. mars 2015

Birdies and plaids

Spring is coming according to the calendar. The weatherman not so much, hehehe. What better way to celebrate spring than wearing some chirping birdies, they are just as cheerful as the jolly bunch sitting in the trees outside my house. :) I love to wake up to birds chattering. :)

Its the first time Im pairing bird print with plaids, seee it totally works!! :) Im ever so excited when I come up with new ways to mix clothes, Im constantly challenging myself in order to evolve/ perfect my style. :)

Playing with my full skirt, I never seem to get tired of that. ;) Sorry for being so short but Im not feelin it tonight, my head is at another place and Im really knackered. Will do better next time. :)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Poem by Oliver Bonas (old)
Dress from Ellos (sale)
Belt from Mango (old)
Shoes from Bianco (old)