onsdag 4. mars 2015

Birdies and plaids

Spring is coming according to the calendar. The weatherman not so much, hehehe. What better way to celebrate spring than wearing some chirping birdies, they are just as cheerful as the jolly bunch sitting in the trees outside my house. :) I love to wake up to birds chattering. :)

Its the first time Im pairing bird print with plaids, seee it totally works!! :) Im ever so excited when I come up with new ways to mix clothes, Im constantly challenging myself in order to evolve/ perfect my style. :)

Playing with my full skirt, I never seem to get tired of that. ;) Sorry for being so short but Im not feelin it tonight, my head is at another place and Im really knackered. Will do better next time. :)

What Im wearing:

Cardigan from Poem by Oliver Bonas (old)
Dress from Ellos (sale)
Belt from Mango (old)
Shoes from Bianco (old)

mandag 23. februar 2015

All work and no play makes Monica a dull girl :)

Well hello there! Wanna come out and play?? ;) Im channeling my inner child for todays work outfit. :) Mind you I didnt wear the foxy knee highs to work, Im afraid that would have been to much to handle for my poor colleagues. :) After all Im not working in a nursery or at school. ;)

I love this newfound orange skirt which I bought in a local shop the other day, the colour, the fabric and the fit is just perfec! Im trying to stay off the novel print/pattern wagon and purchase more solids, its easier to mix and match with those.

I giggled myself silly taking these pics, goofing around like well  basically any child. ;) I can recommend to act like a child sometimes, it totally lifts your spirit. :)

What Im wearing:

Top from H&M
Cardigan from Louche (AW2014)
Skirt from WTG (recent)
Knee highs from Next (sale)
Shoes from Bianco (old)

Im linking up to Visible Monday.

onsdag 18. februar 2015

White Stuff - Grey grouse skirt and a little bit of sewing

Howdy! Im feeling groused out to day but in a good way! :) My new skirt from WS featuring pretty big birdies has finally arrived. I love the grouse but they look more like pigeons to me. ;) I snatched it up in the sales, its the best feeling buying stuff on sale. If I had to I would have purchased it at full price though , wouldnt let this fly away. ;)

Such a lovely, sunny day when the photos were taken. I know Im breaking all kinds of photography rules taking pics in direct sunlight, casting shadows and whatnot, but I dont care. :) I guess you are not here for my excellent skills as a photographer getting by with my poor compactcamera. ;) Im running a low budget blog, hahaha. ;)

My porch from a different view. :) Alas no leaves on the trees and bushes yet but Spring is coming. :)

What Im wearing:

Top from Noa Noa (old)
Cardigan from H&M (old)
Skirt from White Stuff (recent - sales)
Shoes from Din Sko (ancient)

Another dress down for my little girl!Seems like joining a sewing class is finally starting to  pay off, Now I just need to figure out how to make this dress on my own at home. *clueless* :P hehehee