torsdag 27. november 2014

Foxy lady

Hia ladies! Long time no see! My computer let me down big time as one of the hard drives died.*Gaaaah* And needless to say it took some time to get my PC back on track and I lost all data stored on the hard drive. Booo! Well suits me right for not having a backup. ;) Ive learned my lesson now and have set up a regular backup session once a week. I wont let this happen one more time! Luckily none of my pics were on that particular hard drive but I lost some valuable data.

And yes there is a new fox in town or mutiple I should say. ;) I was after this dress when in Copenhagen this autumn but the shop was closed so I had it shipped to me instead. :) I love the fox print of course but the dress itself came up short, I prefer below knee or just above knee length. So I felt a little out of sorts when wearing it but my colleagues paid me so many compliments and jokes I might add. :) Somehow this dress made them laugh, so I was the talk of the office that day. :P
If you havent noticed already my cardi sticks to the term woodland animals as well, fox, squirrel and rabbit. So cute! :)

Here is one shot without the cardi to show you the sleeves. Im too much of a freezing stick to wear it cardiless.

Close up with cardi.

Close up without cardi.

Outfit details
Cardi from Louche (recent)
Dress from Mania Copenhagen (recent)
Boots from Art (old)

Yay! I have made my first toddler girl dress. :) Im really suprised it turned out so well. :) The sewing class has ended for now but Ive enrolled on a new class starting in January. Must keep up this sewing bee hobby as its so much fun! :)

Im currently sewing another dress using the same pattern as my first dress.  But this time around Ive chosen a non elastic cotton material, velour. Well thats it for now, see you soonish! :)

onsdag 5. november 2014

My top picks from the White Stuff winter collection 2014

Ever since I visited the White Stuff shop in Copenhagen earlier this autumn I havent been able to focus on another brand of clothing. Ive been a fan of WS for some time already but now Im fallen head over heels in love again. Its so bad Ive been fantasizing about setting up my own WS shop here in Norway (Unfortunately we dont have WS here). Im living in the countryside on a farm and my dream is to renovate one of our buildings to accommodate a shop of some kind. WS would be perfect in these rural surroundings. :) Crazy I know but a girl can dream right? dream big! ;)

One thing I love about WS is that they are pouring out new collections only with a few weeks apart. Im a sucker for new stuff. :) Without further ado I present you my favourites from their three new winter collections, Gypsy caravan, Barnmaster and Winter fables.

Gypsy Caravan

Deer jumper - anything deer is dear to me. :P

Roma skirt - I love this vibrant skirt and there is a bird or two. ;)

Caravan cardi - I love WS knitwear and this cardi is no exception, love the little dots of colour and fairisle pattern.

Folkloric top - the print is sooo cute!

Gypsy caravan reversible skirt - the same theme from the top above, lovely!

Gypsy wish skirt -love the horse print with dots of bright colours and not to forget the blue bobble  hemline. :)


Chicken jumper - soo cool - chickadeedledoo

Stable shirt - love the little ditsy owls. :)

Winter Fables

Victoria dress - so perfect for winter! :) I need a dress that keeps me both stylish and warm. ;)

Violetta cardi - I have a thing for long cardis this autumn and just love this shade of purple. :)

Feel free to tell me your favourite items from the White Stuff collections. :)

* disclosure - this is not a sponsered post, Im just expressing my love for WS.

fredag 31. oktober 2014

Casual Fridays - the patterned top/jumper edition

Hia ladies! How you doin? Im sorry for the infrequent posting (yet again) but turns out Im pretty exhausted juggling working full time, taking care of a toddler and run a household so come evenings Im a mess or couchpotato to be precise. ;) I will try to do a better job at blogging, bear with me please. :)

Well as Im running from chore to chore I tend to favour the more practical outfits. For me such outfits consist of jeans/jeggings paired with a top/jumper. To prevent them from looking boring I try to wear an interesting and eyecatching top/jumper. This outfit is the perfect example of my preppy casual style. :) My sister spotted this top in Copenhagen and of course I couldnt leave the store without a frenchie on my chest!! :) A frenchieface covered in sequins, whats not to love. ;)

What Im wearing:
Top from Esprit (recent)
Jeggings from Dr.Denim (recent)
Shoes from Softinos (recent)

As the weather has been pretty awful lately (rainstorms and a lot of rain, typical autumn) I havent got the chance to step outside for photos. So here are some indoors shots using my Iphone with my work office as backdrop. :) Looking at this outfit you might think where have the colours gone, hehehe. I guess the muted scandinavian style has rubbed off, but I can cope with it as long as there is a wolf involved. ;)

Cardigan from Lindex (recent)
Top from Esprit (recent)

Jumper from H&M (recent)

See, I havent totally forgotten my colourful self. ;)

Jumper from Boden (last year)
Shirt from Lindex (last year)

Well as you can see Im hard at working out this sewing business, Im slowly getting there. :) This is supposed to look like a dress for my little girl in the end. ;)
Have a lovely weekend! :)